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The political lies capital of Europe

UK is violent crime capital of Europe - Telegraph.

No-one who is paying any attention could doubt this. For goodness' sake, even Henley Regatta has suffered hooliganism. I hear that the city where I have my pied à terre in the North of England suffers one murder every time there is a race meeting at its ancient hippodrome.

Analysis of figures from the European Commission showed a 77 per cent increase in murders, robberies, assaults and sexual offences in the UK since Labour came to power.

If I were a criminal, Labour is the party I would vote for. In the unlikely event that its politicised police - far more interested in persecuting ideological offenders than real criminals - were to catch me, I could rely on Labour to release me early. As long, of course, as I was guilty "only" of crimes against the person and property. Thought crime is another matter, but for good old-fashioned loutishness and thievery, I could count on Labour. I could also count on it to provide me with a base income and a "cover" for my life of crime.

Of course criminals have been on a decade-long, Labour-sponsored spree. That's to be expected. Remove the risks of crime and it will rise. What really shocks me is how ready the voters of Britain have been to believe political lies. Every Labour Home Secretary has announced that crime figures are stable or falling. See, for example,  here, here, here and here. The press never challenged the lies. The public seems to have believed them.

We are a trusting nation, raised to believe that the British state is beneficient. it isn't. No human agency is. It contains just as many self-serving individuals as any other group. In fact, since politicians, civil servants and state administrators have chosen a life of parasitism, it is quite possible they number rather more people on the make among them than average.

An adult, intelligent electorate must learn to doubt what it's told and trust its own judgement. Our poor, lazy performance as a democratic electorate has allowed freelance thugs to steal our nation from us, while the state's thugs stood uselessly by. If we want to be a free people, there is a price to pay in vigilance.