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Harriet Harman is as daft as a brush

Discrimination against northerners to be banned under Harriet Harman plans - Telegraph.

Indeed, lads and lasses, if brains were gunpowder, she wouldn't have enough to blow her bloody hat off.

I grew up "oop North" among just the kind of hatred to which she is now pandering. I remember a new boy whose father had moved from St Albans to work at a local factory being bullied remorselessly by cretins (including teachers, sad to say) with nothing better to be proud of than their local roots. He ignored them disdainfully, made such friends as he could and eventually wreaked an elegant revenge. He worked his way one by one through all the most attractive girls. His elocution did not seem to be a problem to them.

The hatred of "soft Southerners" is childish and pathetic. It's not worthy of attention. For a government minister to promote it by giving credence to the ludicrous notion that Northerners are unfairly discriminated against is to sow more division and mutual hatred in a country already riven by discord.

A decent government would strive to bring harmony and unity. This indecent one doesn't care how much inter-communal damage it does, if by pandering to ignorance and prejudice it has any faint hope of saving its sorry electoral hide.

I hate Harriet Harman and all her ilk. I plan to discriminate against them at every opportunity. I recommend, dear reader, that you do the same; especially when it comes to elections.