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LinkWithin is a massive success in terms of the clicks. In fact I can no longer tell which bloggers are linking to me, because the log is full of people referred from LinkWithin. It's a good way to ensure that the work in old posts is not wasted, but I asked the question because I wanted to know if any people were irritated by it. My template used to be full of gadgets and I deleted most in favour of quick loading. I am keen to ensure no-one passes impatiently through here, as I do on other blogs sometimes. The survey is anonymous JMB, so feel free to click through to it. There have been a lot of responses already. I suspect those who view the blog through an RSS reader are not completing the survey though (which makes sense when you think about it). Most responders are saying they come via a bookmark. I am not sure what your Google Reader problem might be. I did fiddle with the RSS settings a while back. I suggest you unsubscribe in Reader and then subscribe again.


I would have liked an anonymous comment section in this survey.:) Obviously not an option. Although I am quite happy to make the comment below openly.

At first I thought the Linked Within quite a neat gadget and intended to load it. Then suddenly everyone had it and it began to annoy me for some reason, especially on those blogs where it is difficult to find the comment section. Now I find it distracting, since if I read the blogger regularly I have already read those posts.

I suppose there is some formula which endeavours to put up posts of a similar nature. How many people do you think actually click through to those posts? Can you tell in any way? Plus how many people are reading in a reader and never click over in any event?

For some reason the last post of yours in my google reader is April 3, 2009 and if I try to load it again it says I am already subscribed. Luckily bloglines still works but I only get a two line feed there so have to click over if I want to read it all.

One man's politeness is another man's flattery. However I assumed it to be tongue-in-cheek.

Hmm. Did my politeness tip over into flattery? I apologise and consider myself soundly rebuked. As for being your home page, you do me too great honour and I shall study deserving.

Adam Bridgewater

After your previous posts on the excessive use of flattery, to goad readers to fill in online surveys, I hate to see you discard your principals so quickly. Out of principal I will fail to respond to your request but I will say here that I've set up my computer to open up this page automatically every morning and find your commentary insightful and interesting.

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