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Bullied City lawyer claiming £12m

BBC NEWS | UK | Bullied City lawyer claiming £12m.
Anyone weak enough to be bullied should be ashamed to call himself a lawyer, let alone a "City lawyer" (which has other connotations than the literal "lawyer who works in the City"). We may be gentle souls in our spare time, but professionally we are meant to be tough. We are also supposed to be persuasive. Listening to the radio interview embedded in the linked article, I thought it rather sad that the interviewer came over as being quite so much more intelligent and articulate than the interviewee. What happened to the performance art element of lawyering, aka advocacy?

What is going to happen when everyone in Britain has decided it is more profitable to be a victim than to work? How are tough jobs to be performed when the nation is populated entirely by what one of my colleagues calls "entitlement bunnies?"

What next? Mafia hit men suing their Godfathers for work-related stress? Samurai on the sick?


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