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Susan Boyle in the Priory

Susan Boyle in the Priory - Telegraph.

In the Priory already? It didn't take SuBo long to get into the pop star groove, did it? I didn't know the famous clinic handled "emotional breakdowns" as well as providing "drying out" and "detox" services to the terminally-spoiled. Boyle may emerge with a heightened political awareness from exposure to emotionally-broken down MPs devastated by having been exposed as the lying, thieving, hypocrites they secretly always knew they were.

Will the Fees Office be as generous as the producers of "Britain's Got Talent" in picking up their bills though? After all, getting their heads together so they can deceive convincingly again is arguably more necessary to the performance of their duties as an MP than the majority of their fraudulent/unethical claims.

For some, it could be the first legitimate claim they have made in years.