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Cranmer: Cranmer reaches 60,000 unique visitors.

His Grace Archbishop Cranmer is celebrating a milestone in the history of his blog. Why not head on over and offer him congratulations? He is currently working on a sermon that might have been preached to the Prime Minister by his father, were he alive today. Judging by his "trailer", that should be good.

His Grace shall post again later. He is still working hard on the sermon he imagines that the Reverend John Brown might today preach to his son, the Prime Minister, whose ‘Presbyterian conscience’ appears to have been offended. One wonders what kind of conscience it is that can endure 12 years of spinning deception, Damian McBride and Derek Draper, the underselling of the nation's gold reserves, the theft of billions of pounds of pension reserves, the bringing of the nation to the brink of bankruptcy and the unrelenting erosion of our Christian liberties, but is suddenly 'offended' by the relatively trivial abuse of parliamentary allowances.
The Prime Minister's decision to 'do God' over this issue not only shames Presbyterianism, it offends against God and would appal the Reverend John Brown who fully understood what it meant to be Christian.

If Archbishop Cranmer says so, I shall not doubt it. As my readers know, I am even further from being religious than my illustrious namesake, but I always enjoy His Grace's writing. I look forward to this particular sermon as a rare treat.