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You're blameless, Labour tells MPs

You're blameless, Labour tells MPs as poll shows damage done - UK Politics, UK - The Independent.

This is the stupidest comment to date in this affair. They really must be disconnected from reality not to understand the depth of the peoples' anger. The truth is they have done far worse than fiddle their expenses (destroy our education system, bankrupt our grandchildren) but their lying and cheating for personal gain are simple sins that ordinary people can understand. As for the "full approval of the parliamentary authorities", we all know that the system relies up on the "authorities" trusting the honourable members to live up to their name. It seems likely to have been someone in the parliamentary office dealing with expenses who has leaked the unedited records. I hardly think that suggests "approval." I rather think it suggests disgust, which is the only rational response to the outrageous conduct of people like Hazel Blears.

David Cameron must be embarrassed by some of his own MPs. It remains to be seen whether his own record on this explains his failure to deliver the coup de grace to his dying opponents. I do hope not. But at least he is not arguing with the electorate's verdict that the conduct of many MPs has been improper. That Labour doesn't understand that yet, is remarkable. The public will find it inexcusable.


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