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White mischief Cholmondeley gets its comeuppance - Africa, World - The Independent.

Pg-2-Cholmondeley-e_171560t Did you ever read a nastier headline? Disturbed in the act of theft, a criminal set his dogs on Mr Cholmondeley. He died after being shot in what the judge seems reluctantly to have accepted was self-defence. The judge certainly accepted there was no intent to kill. For The Independent's Cahal Milmo, however, it is enough that Cholmondeley is rich and white for this verdict (overturning that of the Kenyan jury) to be a "comeuppance." Never mind whether Mr Cholmondeley is guilty of anything. He is from a group that is, for Milmo's taste, quite guilty enough.

If if were not for my total contempt for the condescending, whingeing, high-on-fake-victimhood types who use the concept so casually, I would point out that this article is racist. It is a cheerily approving account of "class justice", "race justice," "social justice" (in short, anything-but-justice). Milmo's reporting veers between irrelevance and sheer, gleeful schadenfreude. Imagine the outrage had a reporter failed to show the requisite sympathy for the alleged drug mule currently pleading her belly to avoid "peoples' justice" in Communist Laos, on the basis that she was getting what, not she, but people like her, deserve. Imagine if someone wrote of her situation as a "comeuppance" for her grandmother's alleged loose morals.

No-one could blame the Cholmondeley family for now leaving the only country they can call home, but I advise them not to come to Britain. Here, they will be hated more than in Kenya;  not for the contents of their characters but for the colour of their skin and for the greatest crime of all - sustained success. Here, only sportsmen and entertainers are allowed to live the lifestyle that Milmo so puritanically attributes not to Mr Cholmondeley, but to his grandparents. I do not doubt that his family's estates will soon be managed to the standard that has brought Africa to its current exemplary prosperity. But never mind. Mr Cholmondeley - chillingly an "it" not a "he" to The Independent's headline writer - has had a "comeuppance" that pleases Mr Milmo.


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Young Mr. Brown

At first sight, it comes across as a nasty and vindictive headline.

On further reflection, it struck me that the entire headline was so illiterate, that perhaps the writer does not know what the word 'comeuppance' means.

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