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Their Contempt For You Is Total: 8 things.

My reader(s) know that the Last Ditch is a graveyard to internet memes, but Martin is a nice young chap, a future professional colleague, a fellow-member of LPUK etc. Besides, I am in a very good mood still. So here goes with 8 random facts about me:

  1. I am exactly two metres tall
  2. My first choice of career was acting and my second was politics. I decided on law because I couldn't see how to combine politics with making a decent living. Who knew?
  3. As a teenager I was a member of the Schools Action Union, which organised a school students' strike. I was briefly suspended from school for my (highly peripheral) involvement in that.
  4. I met Mrs P. (then Miss D) in the sixth form at said school (a bog standard comprehensive) and we have been together for 35 years
  5. I introduced the Misses P to live Shakespeare by taking them to see Nigel Hawthorne's Lear at Stratford when they were respectively 11 and 9.
  6. At a meeting of my University's Conservatives, I was introduced to Edward Heath as " ex-Maoist..." He cheerily told me about his meetings with "the Great Helmsman"
  7. I owe my interesting life as an expatriate to the great property crash of the early 90s
  8. I own two iPhones; one English, one Russian (actually they're both made in China but you know what I mean)

I am tagging no-one, but do feel free if you want to.


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You must be in a good mood to be doing this and you are a very tall laddy. What a presence on the stage! Or in Parliament for that matter. Their loss.

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