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The gilded oaf is on his way out

The trust and confidence of the people

Look at this apology for a man, clinging desperately to his loot and undeserved privileges by reading tremulously from his carefully-prepared script. See how he stumbles over the more difficult words. If Parliament is ever to "regain the trust and confidence of the people" it must begin by expelling this oaf (and not to the House of Lords, neither). Then it must root out every other "honourable" member who has exploited the nation's trust for personal gain. Their defenders are saying most members are to be trusted. Excellent. Then we can easily spare the rest, who should be stripped of their pensions as they leave just as they, by their incompetence and cupidity, have stripped so many of theirs. Then there must be an election so that the people may clean up this mess as the leaders of the three main parties have signally failed to do. In the meantime, Mr Martin, just go. You are a national embarrassment.


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Diogenes has it right. Personally I'm leaning towards the Cromwellian solution.


I never understood the rather quaint tradition whereby an incoming speaker is 'dragged' reluctantly to the Chair. It would now however makes perfect sense as a method to detach him from it.

Or maybe the Mace could be put to good use as ...a mace, before he thinks of any more new and amusing ways to shamelessly disgrace his office.

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