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Speed camera boss caught doing 102mph on a 70mph road - Telegraph

The work of Satan

Have at you, Tom Riall, you varlet. I hope your shareholders are vigilant enough to ensure you don't circumvent your punishment by charging a chauffeur, taxis or other forms of transport to the company (and therefore, given tbe nature of  your contracts, the taxpayer). You boast on your website;

We advise policy makers, design innovative solutions, integrate systems and - most of all - deliver to the public.

Deliver to us? Your tax machines have done as much to make these islands miserable and joyless for us as any other aspect of the Labour mega-state your public service outsourcing company supports. Many decent people have lost their jobs because your infernal devices have caught them mere basis points over the speed limit, as opposed to the 46% you were. I am sure they would rejoice if you lost your job, you hypocrite.