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MPs Expenses scandal: Hazel Blears fighting for job over £18k tax dodge -

Rapacious little vermin It is hard to restrain oneself from letting fly in the magnificent style of DK or his Greek friend not only because of the lying, cheating and stealing but also because, on this occasion, the focus on this stunted rascal is political. She is only one of many MPs who have exploited the system (and its reliance on politicians' non-existent "honour") to enrich herself disgracefully from the public purse. The Mirror, which (with the Telegraph) is one of the most craven agents of the Brownian Terror, is singling her out for the unrelated crime of lèse majesté.

Gordon Brown should be consumed with shame at the pigsty over which he has presided. Instead, true to his vile form, he is seeking to exploit the situation to destroy his "enemies." As usual they are within his own party. His moral compass may not be up to much, but his political compass would be useful to David Cameron as a targeting system. It is simply not enough to say the man is wicked. Anglo-Saxon verbal embellishments are required. I shall leave that to the experts.