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A new kind of policy reannouncement

DNA profiles of innocent citizens on police databases to be destroyed - Telegraph.

One of New Labour's routine deceptions has been, if it had something "good" to announce, to do so again and again. Contemptuously, it thinks us such mugs that we will remember only the "good" headlines, not their significance. Of course "good," in its warped lexicon, usually meant giving back to citizens their own (net of 70% for paying the wages of its payroll vote) but that's for another day.

Like all deception, this requires trust. Labour doesn't seem to "get" that it has blown that. Its Goebbels tactics have been rumbled. In the unlikely event that it started to tell an occasional truth, it would not now be believed. This was always the problem with the technique. Like borrowed money, lies will eventually come back to bite you.

This "announcement" is a particularly evil specimen. This government and its politicised police (the Provisional Labour Party, as I now think of them) want to keep the DNA of innocents on file. They have said so again and again. But the European Court of Human rights decided, quite rightly, that it had no legal basis to do so. The government was caught out breaking the law and has now announced, not that it is shamefacedly complying with the court's decision, but that it will order the DNA records of innocents destroyed. There is nothing it wants to do less, but it is trying to steal the credit for it.

New Labour; liars and thieves.