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Books that influence me as a politician and dad | Tom Watson MP.

Screen ShotGiven recent events, much amusement has been had with number 15 on Tom Watson's list of books that have "influenced, interested or amused" him. It has even been suggested that he's making a play to be mentioned in the next edition.

He's locked his Twitter account and gone strangely silent though. Presumably, until McBride is replaced, all the spinning and smearing work has to be done personally. No wonder he's too busy to blog and tweet.

I suggest you send him a request to be allowed to follow him on Twitter. I have. For the next few weeks, his feed will be a sure source of interesting material, I should think. For example, did anyone get a screen shot of his alleged "tweet" asking for the phone number of my learned friends at "Chilling Schillings?" Even on the usually reliable authority of Mr Dale, I am afraid I find that too funny to be fully credible.

In the meantime, I have left him a question (click to enlarge) in a comment on the post. What odds will any gamblers among you give that it will pass moderation?


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