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Smeargate; vox pop
It seems the Sun readers are interested too

The recession, destabilised


Smeargate may (or may not) be of interest only to political wonks. Only time will tell. The News of the World isn't usually of much interest to us, but it thought the story had legs. The Daily Telegraph - a newspaper, which has so lost its political way that it now employs people willing to spin the line of the worst PM Labour has every produced - thought it important enough to try to screw it up. In the meantime, as almost always, the Daily Mash makes it amusing. I particularly enjoyed;

"...a Downing Street insider insisted the latest revelations would 'destabilise' the recession, even though opinion polls show voters would prefer a combination of economic collapse, mental illness and gonorrhea to another five minutes of the Labour Party in government..."

I wonder if Mr Brown had any leisure, in between plotting dirty tricks, to read it. I do hope so, even though (or perhaps even because) he is such a humourless hoon* that I doubt he would enjoy it.

*euphemism employed © Guido Fawkes 2009


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