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The Telegraph as a propaganda organ
It seems like the police knew which pathologist to call then?

"Spinning" a heart attack

Ian Tomlinson G20 protests death: police office faces manslaughter charge - Telegraph.

There are so many questions to be answered, but they are not even being asked. Who conducted the first post mortem? On what basis did he form the very convenient view that Mr Tomlinson died of a heart attack? How did he miss the evidence that he died of his injuries from the assault? Did he, in fact, miss it or did he conceal it? Was he pressured to do so by police officers, or did he decide independently to "help out" the people for whom he worked?

It seems that, depending upon the answers to those questions, there may be another crime here; conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. A conspiracy by the very people we employ to serve justice.

Mr Tomlinson's family has shown great dignity.

Paul King, Mr Tomlinson's stepson, said: "First we were told that there had been no contact with the police, then we were told that he died of a heart attack; now we know that he was violently assaulted by a police officer and died from internal bleeding. As time goes on we hope that the full truth about how Ian died will be made known".

I am sure, sir, that all of us not fed by our "caring" Labour government's corrupt state machine hope that. Sadly, it will depend upon the quality of British journalism - as to which there is no more cause for hope than for the integrity of the leaders of Britain's police.

How far has the corrupt effect of New Labour's culture of "spin" spread? How will a successor government ever clean the Augean Stables of Britain's public service? Sadly, I hardly see David Cameron in the role of Hercules.


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Peter Harley

'You cannot hope
To bribe or twist
Thank God! the British journalist
But seeing what
That man will do
Unbribed, there's no occasion to.'

Humbert Wolfe, The Uncelestial City.

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