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Shame on us all
One can dream...

Professions 'increasingly dominated by the wealthiest.' Duh.

Professions 'increasingly dominated by the wealthiest' - Telegraph.

...the Government and the professions must "widen the talent pool" if the seven million new professional jobs it estimates will be needed in Britain by 2020 were to be filled...

Oh really? And I suppose that the politicisation, dumbing-down and general degradation of state public education has nothing to do with this situation?

When I joined my learned profession 26 years ago, there were a large number of bright, ambitious state school school types (educated in grammar schools or early comprehensives which had only begun to go bad) winking smilingly at each other amid the older public-school boys and girls for whom we worked. Not that we resented them (except those who occasionally revealed near-New Labour Minister levels of insulation from ordinary life). They didn't bother us, because we confidently expected to see their numbers trend to the proportion they represented in a wider society. After all, grammar school boys and girls were rather more to the fore in Margaret Thatcher's Cabinet than comprehensive alumni are in Brown's. The greatest English judge of that time (a personal hero of mine, whose signature on my admission certificate I treasure) was one of three superstar sons of a railwaymen. Social mobility was greater than at any time in our country's history and we were cheerfully riding that wave.

Thanks to Labour, the sons and daughters of those public school chaps now outnumber those rising below me more heavily than ever. When I retire, my successor will almost certainly be privately educated. It's not for the professions to dumb down in order to meet the declining standards of state education. It's up to a future government to fix what Labour has broken, in the interests of all - ideally by getting out of the management (if not the financing) of education altogether. No nation can survive on the educated talents of only that minority of children whose parents can afford (under the current fiscal regime) to pay for private education.

I told some Russian colleagues this morning that, in some ways, I would rather Britain had had 80 years of Communism to innoculate it forever from the Leveller virus that has infected it since Cromwell's day, than 30 years of an education system so poisonously Marxist that that it would never have occured to Stalin. Before someone points it out, yes I must re-read The Gulag Archipelago to cure myself of such hyperbole. Nonetheless, buried beneath tons of angry poetic exaggeration, there is an important point somewhere. A very important point that needs to be made, angrily or otherwise, on a daily basis.

Labour's Fifth Column in education is trashing your culture and stealing your childrens' future - at your and their expense.  If that doesn't make you angry, I don't know what will.