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Just for a change, more stealth taxes

The Taxpayers' Alliance has created a "green calculator" to help you work out how much you pay in useless eco-taxes. This is my personal result. It ignores any I may (though I doubt it) be paying on flights from Russia to places outside the EU. Nor does it account for any involved (again unlikely) in being driven around in Russia. Bear in mind that I fly to/from England with unusual frequency at present (I still live and work in Russia, but a close family member is ill and being treated in London). Also consider that my car is a Maserati Granturismo (garaged and taxed in the UK). The fuel consumption of her 4.2 litre V8 engine is more modest than you think (less than that of my first, 1.5 litre, car) but my mileage in her first year has been 10 times my typical, as I have been manufacturing opportunities to drive her long trans-continental distances for the sheer joy of it.

Still, who knew? All that taxation (plus the Council Tax on our English house, plus VAT plus the rest of my fuel duty, etc., etc.) and yet still - after 15 years outside the UK - no representation. Not only that, but despite having no political rights in any other country, I am banned from donating to any political party that might actually do something about rescuing Britain from the alien cabal that has seized power there.

h/t Tim Worstall