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Is there nothing so sacred that this oaf and his spin doctors will not try to exploit it?

Gordon Brown on emotional trip to Auschwitz - Telegraph.

Gordon Brown is a bad man. He is a machine politician, hardened in the cockpit of the Scottish Labour Party; characterised by an amoral lust for power and the adoption of any means necessary to gain it, regardless of the cost to others. His moral compass is not broken, because it never existed. We know it. He knows that we know it. He has been rumbled. So whom does he think he is fooling by his fake "Blair on the peoples' princess" emotion over the victims of the holocaust? They were killed at the instigation of an authoritarian Socialist leader who gulled millions into giving him power so that he could disregard their needs and use the apparatus of a much-strengthened state for his own goals.

Brown is no Hitler (for three things, Hitler had a democratic mandate, was an inspiring speaker and wore a moustache). But he is closer to him spiritually than he is to his victims. It sullies a sacred site for this man (alliteration resisted) to stand there. So just take your fakery and hurry off (alliteration resisted) back to Fife.