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Derek Draper Labour spin doctor does a runner with his computer. - Mirror Images - James Vellacott -

Draper12computerblog I wonder where that computer is now.

Given that Labour has a predilection for confusing state resources with its own, I do hope our security services are not currently cleaning Mr Draper's hard drive. Or is that hyperbolic of me, I wonder?

The gentler souls of the political blogosphere are giving Draper good advice, which (thank goodness) he seems reluctant to take. For the first time in his career, this professional political communicator is doing a great job in disseminating the truth about the party he loves. His continued presence on the scene is a constant reminder of the real story here. This is not about spin or smears. It is about the low moral character, psychological flaws and frightening lack of judgement of our Prime Minister.

Does anyone have an eye on Tom Watson's computer, by the way? He's not responding to Twitter requests and his blog has still not been updated. Perhaps it's broken?

Tom Watson Twitter

h/t the very excellent Crown Blogspot