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Do they have any concern for the truth?

Stephen Pound MP has casually alleged on live TV that Guido Fawkes "hacked" email accounts. Derek Draper also suggested that his email account has been hacked. That is a serious (and, except - of course - when done by the state) criminal allegation. If they could support the claim (which the odious Draper at least had the grace, or caution, to qualify with "apparently") I have no doubt they would have called the Labour Party enforcers Metropolitan Police already.

Mrs Paine's calm wisdom has brought me down from my initial delight at McBride's well-deserved downfall (note, by the way, how he spins falsely to the end, implying in his resignation statement that the Tories are behind Guido Fawkes). The leaked emails are apparently to be published tomorrow and she suspects the lurid allegations - however false - will be remembered far longer than the disgraceful impulse to fabricate them and the suppressed desire to publish them. 

Guido's undoubted personal triumph may well yet do the Conservatives more harm than good.