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On the road again

TripLast week was great fun. I was attending the 20th MIPIM event in Cannes (I have been to the last 19). I decided to make something special of it by driving Vittoria from the North. After stopping in London to pick up a friend we headed for Eurotunel and the dash south. We overnighted in Epernay.

As the very subdued event drew to a close, I set off early on Friday morning with another friend on board (Bill Primrose, sometime guest blogger here). We drove to Switzerland via Italy and the Great St Bernard pass. I dropped Bill off at his daughter's chalet and carried on to rendezvous with a third friend.

We went to the Geneva Motor Show together and then I spent Saturday with him at his amazing chalet in Crans Montana. On Sunday I drove solo non-stop (apart from two refuellings) to London, again via Eurotunnel. It was brilliant, but left little time for blogging.

This week is not quite so much fun. I am with Mrs P for one of her three-weekly cycles of treatment. However tomorrow I do get to celebrate my birthday in style at the Dorchester Grill with Mrs P and both of the Misses P., before driving north again.

I am flying back to Moscow and the workaday routine on Thursday, equipped with another small store of great memories.