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Mars Hill: Jacqui Smith And Those *Ahem*, Films

Mars Hill: Jacqui Smith And Those *Ahem*, Films.

I was quietly enjoying the Home Secretary's discomfiture over her husband's high self-esteem, when my RSS feed threw up the latest from that most stereotypical Labourite, Paul Burgin over at Mars Hill. Today, he is telling us all, in effect, that "there's nothing to see here, move along."

" there any real story here?"

...he asks, adding;

" the risk of sounding pompus [sic], lets take it all with a pinch of salt and worry and get more excited (heck, wrong word) about the issues which affect our daily lives!"

Now the peace of my Sunday is fractured. How, as Iain Dale might put it (if he was not having such fun with the story),  "very dare he?" I was moved to comment and, to save you the embarrassment of being seen at his site, reproduce it below in full;

"Yes there's a story. You are right that it's is not about the porn, Paul. It's about the fraud. She is the Home Secretary, in charge of the police, and she committed a fraud. She submitted a dishonest claim for expenses which were supposed to be in connection with doing her job as an MP, but weren't.

"I didn't realise" Yes love, tell that to the magistrates. Except in the corrupt state that your party has built, with you cheering vapidly from the sidelines, that isn't going to happen, is it? But it would happen to me, Paul, if I fiddled my employers and/or the taxman by claiming as expenses things that were not for business use, but for the personal consumption of myself or my family. We don't give a Home Secretary's husband's toss about the porn, Paul. It's the hypocrisy, double-standards and exploitation that has us all spitting with rage (in between laughing at her, in this case)

The truth is, she probably didn't know. She's probably so accustomed to living off the taxpayer that she bungs in a shoebox of bills every month without paying much attention. In my book, that's worse. She owes us a duty of care as to what she does with our money. But then look at her, Paul. What kind of an apology for a nation has a loser like her in one of the high offices of state?

The most unkind thing I could say about her right now is this. You would make a more plausible Home Secretary than her. This government is beyond scraping the barrel. It's through it and is now scraping the mire on which the barrel stood."

If my atheism proves to be an error, and I find myself facing an unfortunate interview with Jehovah, I shall have less cause for embarrassment at that moment than the sanctimonious little humbug, Burgin. That he thinks fraud is not a "real story" when the victim is merely the taxpayer says all we need to know about him, his party and his religiosity.