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Well, it's not my quiz (it was set by a bunch of progressives) and I did it for the amusement of seeing how "wicked" it would suggest I am. I am not quite sure why you did it (except it was evidently not for amusement) but thanks for your comment.


Your questions are not in depth enough to make a determination. There is far too much bias in how you ask the questions for this survey to be taken seriously.

I also have a problem with the term "progressive". It's misused. It should be a term that supports views that support actual progress, not limit our future progression by limiting performance today.


You ask a question that says something along the lines of "in the future will Americans need to move towards renewable energy to prevent the effects of global warming".

Wow, that's a loaded question. Will America need to move towards renewable energy in the future? Absolutely, however, the question does not determine "when" this future should take place. If you ask an economist it would be when the cost is competitive (and the natural forces of the market will move us towards renewable energy (or a new source of energy). However, you then apply that question to "to fight the effects of global warming" as in we have factual evidence that proves global warming is man-made. Well, as many studies as there have been, there is no conclusive evidence that global warming has anything to do with man.

So, how should one answer this question? There are multiple questions like this that don't seem to want people to think about the effects of the "progressive" thinking, only to agree with liberal ideology that makes up a majority of American government today.

This is a quiz for the uninformed.


I got 127. Quite happy with that.

Young Mr. Brown

164, which makes me a conservative.


I got 255..
Very progressive, apparently..

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