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Gordon Brown is right
Tolerance vs approval; education vs indoctrination

Gordon Brown is wrong

Bank of England gambles on printing extra money - Telegraph.

There is not enough money in Britain for the state to do everything it has promised. Rather than admit it has promised too much, Labour is making some more money. Literally. Socialists have never really understood the concept of wealth creation, have they? But at least Gordon Brown's predecessors understood that if wealth creation were as easy as printing more money, every nation would be rich.

Sadly, that's still not how it works. Right now, however, Labour's only alternative would be to face reality. If it doesn't run the Bank of England's printing presses, it would have to admit that the party's over (and probably the Party too) by cutting public spending. When it comes down to it, the simple truth is that "Prudence" Brown cares more about bribing his payroll voters, than he does about Britain's economy.