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Britain comes to standstill after 1ft of snow - Telegraph.

The once-great capital of England is at a halt today because of what is, by Russian standards, the merest dusting of snow. Emails from my office in Moscow reveal that life continues as normal. Here in London for Mrs P's next round of treatment, it is quite a different story.

We have just had a call from the hospital. Mrs P.'s scheduled operation today and her treatment have both been cancelled. The nursing staff and doctors didn't make it through the extreme weather apparently. After psyching herself up for days, she must just sit tight now and wait for a call. Presumably the hospital had other treatments scheduled tomorrow? Presumably those will be thrown off by expected further snowflakes this evening? Meanwhile the press and TV make a big story of London's usual rain in a slightly different format.

I can't help feeling that the nation would not be at a standstill if standing still was not an idea that rather appealed to it.