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Civil liberties during a recession

Civil liberties during a recession | The price of freedom | The Economist

It's a bit hard for "my" newspaper, the Economist, (the only one I still take in print form) to speak of me and hundreds of others thus:

"A MOB of Britain’s finest eccentrics will gather in central London on February 28th"

I have never seen myself as part of a mob. Nor do I consider the views I share with most of the great thinkers of Western history eccentric. Still, if it's now eccentric to believe that there should be limits to the state's powers over our lives, I plead guilty. If it's eccentric to object to innocents being gunned down in the streets and their killers not brought to trial, then I certainly am eccentric.

I look forward to meeting my fellow-eccentrics this Saturday and to getting to know some of them better over a lunchtime pint.

Convention on Modern Liberty - February 28th, London and around Britain