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A message from the Prime Minister

This snow started in Russia and is global snow which no one could have foreseen. I indicated ten years ago that such snow needed regulation and we must act together now, globally, to ensure that we survive this coming week. The government will not be diverted from spending some billions on addressing this snow and the consultation process will start within the next few months; meanwhile a special task force will be set up to find out why London buses continue to refuse to lend traction on snow covered surfaces and whether snow ploughs and gritters should, in the next few weeks, be deployed. As a part of this process we are not ruling out the nationalisation of tyres and need to see some change of behaviour in the next period. This country is best placed to grit the roads unlike other countries such as Tenerife and Corfu where they do not have gritting lorries; this is as long as we could have seen it coming. Like the do nothing Met Office did...

h/t a witty lady colleague


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