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Welcome back, Tom

Welcome back Tom Paine, unsung American hero | Ben Macintyre - Times Online.

I would not blog in his name if I did not greatly admire the man. He was the most effective pamphleteer in history and had a hand in the founding of two of the republics I most admire. I do not doubt that, if he were alive today, he would blog far more fiercely and effectively than his humble and unworthy admirer. The world badly needs another Tom Paine, but I am conscious it is not me.

The idea that President Obama might replace the bust of Churchill in the Oval Office with one of a worthier Englishman is cheering on a gloomy day. I hope to attend the celebrations in Norfolk later this year of the bicentenary of Old Tom's death. Perhaps the President should make an appearance too?

h/t my anonymous reader from Teddington, who emailed me a PDF of the print article, which I had missed online. Thank you, kind sir.


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The Rights of Man is certainly quite an easy tract to read. Most of it still makes sense today, he hasn't become obsolete in the way that say, Locke has.

Of course Paine essentially believed that America's revolution completed the one England started in 1688 but hadn't finished.

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