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Gordon Brown withdraws plan to keep details of MPs' expenses secret

We shall overcome

I agree with every word (apart from the religious slant). So will most described casually as "right wing" by unthinking sloganisers of today. But what has "positive" discrimination to do with Dr King's vision? What has endless obsessing over whether people of a certain skin tone should be called "Black", "Coloured" or (as Dr King did) "Negro" to do with his vision? What has the notion that only white people can be racist to do with it? Or the notion that all white people are racist whether they know it or not? What has constantly changing the politically-correct designation for black people, to the confusion and embarrassment of the elderly or unprepared to do with it? What has accusing whole professions of being "institutionally racist" to do with it? And finally, what have all this pseudo-intellectual quibbling and flim-flam to contribute to realising Dr King's dream?

In this life there are men and women of vision. King was one such. Then there are the chancers, blaggers, con artists and freeloaders who cynically take the ideas of such people and exploit them. Such are the people engaged in the industry of racial equality today. What Dr King wanted was for us to judge people on the content of their characters. Hallelujah. I could not agree more. So let's judge. The race relations industry is staffed by bad characters promoting discontent to justify well-paid non-jobs. They will never be satisfied, even when all of Dr King's pre-conditions for satisfaction have been met, because it is not in their interests to be so. They are the greatest obstacles on the path to his dream today.


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I did watch it yesterday, and was struck just how much of the BBC's coverage was slanted towards the fact he was a black(ish) man.

I just cannot understand why the race relation industry states that we should not judge people by the colour of their skin and we had this blocking the TV screens for hours a pean of praise simply because he is black.

If he fails spectacularly, he will put race relations back years. I would like to judge the man on his competence not his skin


Inspirational and rational speech by Dr King.

I know it's a mash up - but compare it to this.

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