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Pax Rupertica ends?

This morning's story in the Sunday Times is significant, not for the revelation that some Labour peers are corrupt, but for the fact that one of Rupert Murdoch's papers is prepared to conduct covert investigative journalism against Labour and to splash the embarrassing results on the front page. The cosy relationship between Murdoch and Labour is either over or subject to a tough renegotiation. The last Conservative government fell amid allegations of sleaze which were paltry by comparison to this. The disgraced lords were purporting to pimp for current ministers, including the Prince of Darkness Himself. They were offering, by use of their relationships with such apparatchiks, to pervert the legislative process itself. It is too serious to be a warning shot. If Murdoch wanted to renegotiate his deal with Labour, he would surely aim to leave his long time friends and partners in power? Time will tell, but this gives hope of political change on an Obamaic scale.