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Our brilliant government

Government 'fixing health consultations' with taxpayer-funded groups - Telegraph.

Sitting as a committee, it is doubtful if the entire Cabinet could pass a British Constitution "A" level. Our government is hopeless at delivering and procuring public services. It is useless at executive oversight of state employees. It has the financial acumen of a drunken sailor. But it is brilliant at something. It is sans pareil at deception. It is stellar at lying. In this, it has reached artistic heights undreamed of by previous governments.

Scratch the surface of "charities" and many prove to be clandestine state agencies. Actual state agencies, theoretically independent, serve political interests. Enquire about the activities of many "private sector" employees, and you will find they are performing outsourced state tasks. Pressure groups and lobbying organisations are funded and even founded by the state to support its aims. And now it has taken to manufacturing its own "public" for "public consultations" on new legislation.

Hazel Blears has accused political bloggers of generating cynicism.  Either she is hypocritical in inverse proportion to her stature, or she is a fool. She might as well blame the neighbour who raised the alarm for starting the fire burning her house. Dishonesty is the very blood in this government's veins.

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