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Ospreys vs Leicester

Ospreys vs Leicester

A day off from politics. I am the guest of an old friend at this Heineken Cup match, having flown in from Moscow yesterday and driven Vittoria down from Chester to Swansea this morning. It was a beautiful drive on winding Welsh roads. Here's hoping for a match that's half as much fun.


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How strange to think of us being in the same small place! From that photo angle it looks like you were in the 'posh' seats!


Amid almost 19000 people, we didn't spot each other. I am not quite sure how we could have done, as my profile picture is not an entirely accurate representation of me. I hope she enjoyed the match as much as I did.


Well wave to Liz (Finding life hard?) when you are there, for she too will be somewhere there in those crowded stands. It's a small world.

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