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On location in Second Life

I know my Second Life posts bore some and puzzle others, but please forgive me this short one. A film-maker in Second Life used my sci-fi project called "Sky City" as a location for a Doctor Who story. If you don't like sci-fi, Second Life or Doctor Who, I am afraid you are in for a bad time so don't bother. When I am not agonising about the state of civil liberties in Britain, I am afraid I like all three.


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I had no idea they were doing it, jmb. SL's unregulated mainland continents are libertarian places and there's no need to get a filming permit from the local authorities (or even the land owners if they have set their land to free public access as I have). Yes, they used their own Tardis. B^)


I have to say I am not a fan of Sci-Fi or Dr Who but I did enjoy seeing my old stamping ground, Sky City, maybe even my old apartment there. Was it your Tardis too or did they have their own?


As SL machinima goes, that was pretty good.

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