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Liveblogging Dave on AM

As our country slides further and faster into debt, I am incredulously watching the leader of the allegedly Conservative Opposition propose continued increases in public spending. He is visibly terrified of the word "cuts" ever being uttered again in proximity to the word "Tory." He is craven in the face of Andrew Marr's ludicrous use of the words "slash public spending" to describe a mere reduction in the rate of increase. That fear alone is enough to ensure that he will make no difference if elected.

For all his green credentials, he is advocating that taxpayers should guarantee the loans of people who can't afford to buy new cars. That is neither conservative, nor green. He seems every bit as keen to get back to the abnormality of the last 10 years as Gordon Brown. I feel sorry for businesses that have, in good faith, geared up to supply goods to people who couldn't afford them. I feel very sorry for the workers in those businesses, who had nothing to do with that decision. But the credit-fuelled Vorderman Binge of the last 10 years was always unsustainable. It should never have started and it had to stop sometime. Trying to restart it is insane. Saying so would be genuinely conservative, which Cameron isn't - so he didn't.

Turning to the stupid story de jour, he ritually condemned Prince Harry's joshing with his Asian mate - saying that the use of the work "Paki" is completely unacceptable. No change likely on the politically-correct "bad words are more important than bad actions" front then.

At the next election, the choice will be between "Classic Labour" and "Labour Light". It is very hard to get excited about that prospect, much though I long to see this smugly cretinous and epically-incompetent government out of office.


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There is much talk on the BBC how 'enlightened' politics of negotiation with terrorist and the 'peace' in Ireland and South Africa (IRA and ANC) - but all I can see is it has led to them having the power to limit free speech to what you can and can't say and what you positively can or can't do. This is what happens to you when you give into bullies - memorising what is Halaal and Haraam.

Prince Harry, the Carrot-Top, uses diminutive-speak of affection for whatever obvious physical features stand out in the barraks. It is a neutraliser of a sense separateness, get it out in the open and it's not an issue. In an earlier time he would have called out to a Chalky or in later times, as the only white-skin in the platoon, he will be called Blacky. Whites today are legitimately referred to as Crackers by a down trodden majority. Many music-cultured use words like n*gg*r and b*tch to their peers. Is this an issue? Only when it's Halaal and Haraam.


I saw him as well and thought exactly the same. The Tories are a bunch of cretins -- and they probably know it.

Kevyn Bodman

Re. Prince Harry:
SKYNEWS and the News of The World are putting out an absurd level of what is surely, I hope, bogus indignation.

To the credit of the BBC I heard their 03.00 GMT radio news this morning and they made it quite clear that Prince Harry's video and commentary were 'light-hearted'.
I haven't heard or seen their later reports.

As for those who were offended, how do they think any group of young men talk?
It was banter between mates and is not a real story.
But in our modern culture it is, more's the pity.


We are at one of those periodic times in our History, when a seismic change has to happen in our social and economic structures, Cameron just does not see this at all. He is like some hapless lower six form prefect that is angling to be head boy because he thinks it is his turn. He sees absolutely nothing wrong with the system that has got him to this point.


Yes much as I despise the current lot of scum in charge I can see little or no prospect in Cameron's "Tories" doing anything even vaguely useful. NuIngSoc or BluIngSoc.

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