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Liberal Conspiracy » Join us at the Covention on Modern Liberty | creating a new liberal-left alliance.

This is shaping up to be an interesting event. There will be a bloggers "summit" (which makes me laugh, isn't it more like a base camp?) hosted by Liberal Conspiracy and Comment is Free. I am going to be there (at the London event) and I look forward to meeting as many freedom-minded bloggers as possible. Please follow the link to Sunny's post on the subject for more details.

The idea of "a new liberal-left alliance" also makes me laugh. It sounds about as plausible as "a new virgin/rapist alliance." Nonetheless It will be interesting to hear what the leftists have to say. Goodness knows British liberty needs all the allies she can get, but people already allied to misogynists whose religion's name means "submission" are going to have a hard time convincing me they are for its very opposite, "liberty."

With the Guardian, the TUC and other dubious characters involved, I can't help but be suspicious that this is all a con trick designed to steal the very name of liberty just as leftists have already stolen the word "liberal." Only the involvement of Liberty (of which I am a member) is convincing me to attend. The more liberals-with-no-scary-qualifiers who come along, the better the chances of a successful outcome. Please make an effort. It may be liberty's last hurrah in Britain.