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He's just a guy. Good luck to him.

The One

The weight of expectation on the shoulders of President Obama does him no favours today. No wonder he stumbled over the oath. Dr Martin Luther King's dream has still not been fulfilled. All the fuss today is not about the content of the new President's character. It is about the colour of his skin, a matter which should not be worthy of remark. I hope I live to see that dream truly fulfilled. Until then, good luck to President Obama and let's hope he's not nearly as a bad a man, politically, as I fear. Given that he thinks the question is not about "whether the Government is too big or too small, but whether it works," I c0nfess I am not optimistic.


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Given his lifelong association with terrorists and crazed racists I would imagine Obama will show his true colours from day one.


Tom, agreed - and as usual so much more succinct than I. President Barak has a lot to live up to, particularly the unrealistic expectations of those hysterical followers who feel that his colour is more important than his politics.


He has to be better than Bush, SURELY?


Agreed -- the guy has Blairite socialist loon written all over him.

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