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Helen Suzman, RIP

BBC NEWS | Africa | Obituary: Helen Suzman.

Helen Suzman was a voice in the wilderness for much of her political career; pleading what must often have seemed a hopeless case. She did not achieve high office. She had none of the trappings of success that so many lesser politicians strive for, but I am sure she cared nothing for that.

She never gave up. I am not sure today's South Africa is quite what she was hoping for, but her life should still stand as an inspiration. One intelligent, determined human being can stand for justice, truth and freedom even when most around her have lost touch with their humanity. One person can be a beacon in the darkness. Challenged by a political opponent for asking questions which embarrassed South Africa, she retorted;

"It is not my questions that embarrass South Africa, it is your answers"

Her life proves, once again, that we are not just flotsam on the inevitable tides of history, as some would have us believe. One person can make a difference. Mrs Suzman certainly did.
Helen Suzman
I offer my sincere condolences to her family and friends.