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LondonmosqueI wish he posted more often, because Shahid over at Suspect Paki provides one of the few unmediated insights into the thinking of our Muslim community in Britain. He is a sincere man with his heart mostly in the right place who says some quite terrifying things at times. His pride in his community and his religion is impressive. I wish more native Britons had that. However, his latest attempt to evangelise - by reference to the shocking lenience of the English law to a gang of teenagers who raped a 14 year old girl is monumentally misguided. His personal (and "distinctly un-Islamic") suggestions as to how the rapists should have been punished are amusingly reminiscent of the style of DK over at the Devil's Kitchen.

In truth, had this incident occurred in a country governed by Shari'a law, the rapists would not have been convicted at all, because four male Muslim witnesses would have been required. The girl's evidence (and that of any female by-standers) would not have been admissible (even on the basis of two female witnesses being equivalent to one male). A different view to Shahid's of what she might have expected under Shari'a is to be found here.

Please don't go over to his site and abuse the guy. He's reaching out and it's a good thing that British Muslims engage with the wider community. We should encourage as many British Muslims as possible to express their views openly and honestly rather than leave them to be "represented" by self-appointed community leaders and the mealy-mouthed in government and media.  We would all benefit from more communication. I have left a measured comment. You may like to do the same.


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