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180px-It's_The_Sun_Wot_Won_It BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | Row over Green 'grooming' claims.

Again with the guilt by association;

BBC political editor Nick Robinson said when police questioned Mr Green - the Conservative's immigration spokesman - they had suggested to him that he had not "simply received leaked" information but "groomed" a civil servant who allegedly passed him 20 confidential documents.

"Grooming" is a concept associated with one of New Labour's two Emmanuel Goldstein figures - "the terrorist" and "the paedophile." What a very strange gerund to associate with an opposition MP. Or perhaps, given the black propaganda skills of Mandelson and Campbell, not so strange at all. After all, by raiding his homes and offices with anti-terrorist police, he has already been associated with Goldstein One, so why not Goldstein Two?

While Labour's mindless loyalists, who will deny any threat to our civil liberties right up to the doors of their own prison cells, continue to make fools of themselves, there is a seismic shift in the British political landscape. The Sun, that Murdoch propaganda organ for rent, which has helped deliver them the vote throughout the Blair/Brown years, is beginning to distance itself;

If Damian Green can be banged up for nine hours for telling the truth, what hope for you and me? Indeed, if Westminster is not a sanctuary for an elected MP, what hope for any of us?

Neil Kinnock will remind you of the power of the Sun, chaps. Please keep fielding those grim, hatchet-faced aparatchiks woodenly to defend your clumsy attempts at political intimidation. You are doing a great job. Keep it up with the folie de grandeur comparisons to Superman and Moses, which are gradually getting it through the heads of the densest voters that your leadership has lost its grip on reality.

With every day that passes, it becomes apparent that "the Third Way" leads not only to the same economic collapse as Labour's usual path, but also to the same disdain for the rights of the individual which is the characteristic feature of Socialists everywhere. We may be wives, daughters, sons, husbands, mothers and fathers to each other, but we are only eggs in the omelette to them.