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Thank you, Chancellor

Darling to unveil 45p tax on rich to fund recession package | Business |

Those of us building British businesses in emerging markets have always struggled to persuade experienced, talented and energetic Brits to relocate to the supposed discomforts of life outside the Home Counties. Thank you, Messrs Brown & Darling, for making that task easier. Thank you also to the Guardian for redefining the word "rich" in such a way as to frighten anyone with ambition out of wishing to remain in Britain.

How much longer can Britain continue to act on the world stage as if it were a wealthier/more important country than others which have trillions more in their treasuries? Bear in mind, of course, that any country with $1 on its bank account has "trillions more" than the heavily indebted British state. For that matter, gentle reader,  I can guarantee you are trillions of pounds richer than the British government. Sadly, if you are British, you do need to bear in mind the guarantees you, your fellow-taxpayers and your descendants as yet unborn have been forced to give of your government's debts. Debts mainly run up (though not usually quite so brazenly as at present) in an attempt to buy the votes of the economically-illiterate.

As Brown and his sock puppet adopt the Carol Vorderman approach to solving Britain's debt, I have never been happier not to be a British taxpayer. Those of you with exportable skills might like to brush up those CVs now - before they reintroduce exchange controls.


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Please don't rub it in.


Tom, great suggestion - CV gleaming... But I have to get out of Scotland first, now where is that Nationalist border guards rota?

Obnoxio The Clown

Tell you what, mine is pretty buffed and polished already.

And my CV!


Those of you with exportable skills might like to brush up those CVs now

Done !

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