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SAS chief quits

Exclusive: SAS chief quits over 'negligence that killed his troops' - Telegraph.

New Labour doesn't go to war for military reasons. It goes to war to toughen the image of its leader. Its real troops don't approve of the armed forces. It does not care if our soldiers live or die - unless their deaths cause it political damage. Coroner after coroner has criticised the government for failing to equip our troops properly. Mother after mother has stood at the graveside of brave young sons and daughters who have disproved the stereotype of British youth.

These young people are the best of us. They are dying because - from greed, fear and envy - we elect the worst of us. It is time to stop, think and act. It is also time to discover a cheap, sociable and satisfying hobby for tough times - political involvement. If you are left-wing in your thinking, God help you, go join the Labour Party or the LibDems. Take them over and restore them to the decent, if misguided, values on which they were founded. If you are Conservative, join the Tories and bring them back to their roots.

Of course, I hope you will join the Libertarian Party and help set Britain on the long road to true freedom. Even if you are a statist, however, you can still do your fellow-man some good by joining a mainstream party and recapturing it for sanity. Round up your like-minded friends and make a political party - any political party - real again, not a front for dangerous crooks and fanatics to whom our young people are mere pawns.


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My eldest son's friend was blown up by a bomb from a US warplane whilst serving with the Royal Anglians in Afghanistan, the cold sweat that ran through me the morning I heard that news took a long time to subside, as they both planned to join up together. My son decided to go to University instead. The young man is badly scarred lost his hearing, but is alive unlike three of his colleagues. I read this morning that a British forward air observer is no being blamed for giving the wrong co ordinates.

What is sad is that I no longer believe anything that I am told by the MOD, as I know that the US would blame anybody but themselves, and was the air observer using dodgy equipment. The fog of war is clouded even more by political spin.

This administration found billions in days to bail out their friends in the City, but a billion would get rid of the snatch landrovers in weeks. As November 11th approaches, the sickening sight of Brown at the Cenotaph will be too much to bear.

The Libertarian Party I am pleased to say is a young party, over eighty per cent are under thirty, we have been invited to address students at Oxford and Cambridge, Libertarian Societies are being started in other Universities.

The message is simple you are free to do what you want as long as you cause no harm to others

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