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GenderAnalyzer - Determine if a homepage is written by a man or woman.

ManThis (apart from the infuriatingly prudish use of the grammatical term "gender" to distinguish between the sexes) is fun. The software was 63% sure that I am a man. Just follow the link and type in your blog's URL to have the benefit of its opinion on this critical issue.

H/T Normblog (76% likely to be male, apparently)


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69% female. Mmm.


Yes, it is infuriating, isn't it? I can only suppose that "sex" has come to mean, well, sexual relations, swiving, japing, tupping, etc. But what puzzles me is how these conventions arise. Nobody I know ever had the slightest embarrassment in speaking of the sex of a baby, or of a sheep or dog, or in filling in a box on a questionnaire that asked for "sex"; who decided that we ought to blush? And nowadays there is the dreadful euphemism "in a relationship". Fortunately I have never been asked, but I am determined, if asked, to say I am in a relationship with my cat.


Someone sent me a the result for my blog in my comments tonight (81% male). It made me smile, then I checked out my blog links and it made me LOL.


It's 81% certain that I'm a man.

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