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If only....

From their own mouths... :: Labour - the hope for change.

This, from "a site devoted to developing internet based resources for Labour Party members and supporters";

Labour's organisational crisis is deep. We have no money. We have too few experienced organisational staff. The real level of our membership is barely more than half that of the Tories. But the crisis of the left is deeper still. The organising idea of the mainstream left - socialism defined as the abolition of, or the severe curtailment of, private ownership has proved both to be a failure and, worse still, a route to repression. Too few on the left are yet prepared to admit this in public but the facts show that over the last half-century the capitalist countries and not the socialist ones have been the most progressive and have done most to liberate their citizens.

Dizzy is adding value by pointing out the kind of "internet based resources" is "devoted to developing" for the Labour Party. That Labourites are buying up websites with Tory names, presumably to be used for deception (why else would they want them) should be front page news. They have been detected in preparation for the digital equivalent of Watergate-style "dirty tricks", which should tell voters everything they need to know about them. As Dizzy says;

Suddenly an attack blog appears that uses the name "toryparty" ..., and it's set-up, hosted, and pointed to the site of one of Draper's former rapid rebuttal colleagues from Millbank. You do the maths. If I was in CCHQ I would be starting domain dispute proceedings...

I have to ask, given his political leanings and his technical skills, why ISN'T Dizzy working at the Conservative HQ? He would be a valuable asset in what is clearly going to be a dirty election.