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Gender (sic) Analysis
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The GenderAnalyzer gadget mentioned in my last post seems to have caught the blogging imagination. Given that Norm's and Thunderdragon's writing was analysed as being considerably more masculine than mine, I thought I would compare some of the other bloggers I read regularly. Showing feminine scores as minus, the results were as follows. Make of them what you will.



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Ian Grey

It has me down as 61% feminine as well, but my old blogspot blog as equally male. It must depend on the handful of posts it can see.

Colin Campbell

When I ran my own blog and did the truth check quiz when they asked if they had got it right, I was interested that it was about 51 percent to 49 percent. Some tweeking of the software needed. Interesting and amusing all the same. I wonder what the feminine traits are in my writing.


More Mmming. Laughing too. You are head to head with Ruthie while Colin and I are battling it out. I could have looked above instead of bothering to do it myself. Serves me right for reading in chronological order!

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