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A creditable moment of truth from Labour MP, Kerry McCarthy.

The problem is, that some of these people are unemployable - not just because of lack of qualifications, but more because of lack of social skills or any awareness of what is right or proper behaviour.

It is a relief to know that some of them DO understand the truth about the British underclass (although Kerry is obviously not admitting that these people were fostered by Labour's policies on welfare benefits and education). We may have to wait a while longer for that admission.

I feel rather sorry for her about the kicking she is now getting in the comments on her blog. It's no wonder the average MP daren't speak the truth. Do go and read the comments though. I particularly love the wounded pride of one of her Labour trolls who claims (on being accused of confusing libertarians with anarchists) that he has two first class politics degrees. As some one asked, "Was it buy one, get one free?"

h/t Old Holborn