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The Daily Mash is off form

Weekending - The Daily Mash.

As regular readers know, I am a fan of the Daily Mash. Today, however, it is not being brilliantly satirical as usual, it's just being rude. I hope the day never arrives when we "satirise" male politicians in such terms. I look forward to the day when such hurtful abuse of female politicians is seen for what it is. Before you tell me I have gone all PC, I am not calling for it to be banned. The authors are entitled to their free speech, as Governor Palin would agree. By the same principle, I am entitled to tell them that it's pathetic schoolboy humour and unworthy of them.


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David Prick

I enjoy wanking.

Rob Murdoch

That Rafferty's a twat, eh?


Hi Tom,

Don't know you from Adam - just stumbled across this blog post whilst reading about the Daily Mash - and I'd just like to say how much I agree with you (except for the part about liking The Daily Mash in the first place.) After a few people at work recommended their site, I decided to check it out and - well, frankly I think it's abysmal. It's the crude, clunky, witless humour of third rate minds. I wasn't surprised to hear of them targeting "bored people in offices" because their comic sensibility is exactly that of the dreaded circular email, the lager boy's banter, the mediocre mirth of middle England. Not to mention the crappy site design and the god awful name - a name that's almost impossible for any intelligent person to say aloud.

But don't worry. I'm in the process of creating a humour site of unimpeachable brilliance that will show Rafferty and Stokes for the odious amateurs that they truly are, and wipe the stain of their incompetent fumblings from the fine, glistening record of British satire. And if I should ever fail to fulfil this bold promise, or fall short of my own high standards and miss the mark in one article, and should a perceptive individual such as yourself see fit to point it out, then I shall certainly have more grace about me than to descend upon your blog and insult you.

Yours most graciously,

Bartholomew J. Jeffries
(remember the name)


The 'Daily Mash' is just a very poor copy of the much better 'Onion', you know....

Obnoxio The Clown

I'd say Tom wins this one. Neil was clearly exercised enough to bother to respond to both comments.

Anyway, Neil, you wouldn't have to. I'd happily do it myself. ;o)

Neil Rafferty

If there are any other Palin fans out there, perhaps you might like this...

I particularly enjoyed describing her as 'less fuckable than a dead pig'.

Tom - I hope it doesn't undermine your masturbatory fantasy.


Tom Paine

Consider me felled by your repartee, Neil.

Neil Rafferty

Hello Tom,
We've had our share of pompous criticism, but this takes the fucking biscuit.
Neil Rafferty
The Daily Mash

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