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Sterling plummets, but all we care about is Deripaska's yacht

Sterling plummets on the back of Brown's debt-fuelled economy | Coffee House.

Can someone explain to me why the MSM is entirely focussed on the social lives of a couple of freeloading fools, when -as a nation- we are staring down the barrel of a financial gun? How can Brown's ratings improve when the situation is as Fraser Nelson so eloquently explains it?

I would love to hear Brown explain why sterling’s crash is a problem that started in America. It’s a problem that started in 11 Downing Street – when he decided to conceal debt, leverage up the British economy and personally design a banking regulatory structure that allowed UK banks to be literally the most leveraged out of any outside Reykjavik. Britain is, in many ways, becoming the new Iceland. So the fall in the pound will have some time to run yet.

Click through to the linked article to read, finally, in a small-circulation mainstream publication, what I have been saying for years. When will we hear it on the BBC?


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