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More than 10 million 'drinking at hazardous levels’ - Telegraph

 More than 10 million 'drinking at hazardous levels’ - Telegraph.

25% of the adult population is drinking at hazardous levels, according to our lords and would-be masters. Personally, I blame them. Consider the following;

In a speech on public service broadcasting, at the London School of Economics, Jeremy Hunt, the shadow culture secretary, will say: “It’s not good enough for Channel 4 to say they are doing their bit with a Dispatches programme on alcohol abuse like Drinking Yourself to Death when 18 per cent of the screen time in Hollyoaks was accounted for by alcohol references.” He would not advocate the removal of all alcohol from television, he will say, “but just as it would be wrong in a plural and democratic society to require broadcasters to produce programmes that meet government objectives and promote social behaviour, so it is also wrong for broadcasters to produce programmes that legitimise negative social behaviour.”

We the politicians, not society at large, have the right to define what is "negative social behaviour." And while we don't (yet) insist that you should broadcast our propaganda, you shouldn't broadcast anything that contradicts it.

It's enough to drive anyone to drink. Cheers.