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Gordon Brown's terror claims for ID cards are "bunkum" says GCHQ expert - Telegraph.

Don't believe a mere security expert. Why would our beloved politicians lie to us? After all, if..

the only real value of identity cards would be to help state bodies share information about people...

as this foolish "expert" says, it wouldn't be worth spending our money on it, would it? Besides, citizens, if we have nothing to hide then of course we have nothing to fear! Well apart perhaps from;

  • Invasion of our privacy
  • Loss of our data so that we know longer know if it's private or not
  • Selling of our confidential data to businesses (officially)
  • Selling of our confidential data to criminals (one would hope only unofficially)
  • Blackmail
  • Cross-referencing of data to identify patterns of behaviour that lawfully minimise taxation, with a view to making such behaviours illegal ,
  • Cross-referencing of data to identify popular behaviours, which it would be lucrative to make illegal

I am sure there are a myriad other possibilities. Any suggestions?


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And what effect will this announcement have on the government? Sod all.


Religious deposition, Genetic disposition, Sexual reposition.

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